Agency Courses & Pricing Plans
So, you’re looking for an education plan?

Individual Plan Benefits

The Agency Plan comes with all of the Individual Plans benefits, and then some! 24/7 access, board-certified physician educators, live sessions and online testing is just the beginning of Agency Plan membership accounts.

Monthly Billing

Instead of automatic monthly billing, Agency accounts are invoiced monthly and only charged for your current member roster. Agency payments can be made electronically, by credit card, or by mailed check.

Pay Per Provider

Every month you’re only be billed for your current roster that month. This way, you will never have to worry about being over-billed.

Roster Control

Agency accounts will allow you to manage your agency roster, so the right people have access to EMSconnect’s online educational tools. Managing your account has never been easier!

Monitor Roster Progress

Not only can Agency accounts control their roster, but they can also track their crew’s success through online customizable reports. EMSconnect’s online skills tracker is a convenient way to stay up to date on roster skills tracking.

We Are

CAPCE Accredited

EMSconnect is a CAPCE-accredited organization with an educational curriculum that meets nearly all state ongoing education requirements. Additionally, all of our educational materials can be used for your ongoing educational needs.

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